See below what our clients have to say after using our services at Property Initiatives:

We have found Chris to be highly professional in all aspects of our dealings with him and in helping us build our property portfolio. Chris is always attentive and very responsive with very accurate and professional advice.

He has provided us with a wealth of information and advice that we can use readily and easily, and without his insight and professionalism we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in. We would recommend Chris to anyone seeking assistance with property related financial advice.

testimonial-icon-yellowKim & Andrew (NSW)

 Working with Chris Sedgmen has been a pleasure from day on. He has worked with us step by step, to guide us on our property acquisition journey. With patience and support, Chris was always available to answer questions, calm nerves and celebrate each addition. We look forward to continuing the journey!

testimonial-icon-greyChris and Hayley Lethlean (VIC)

Chris has taught us some valuable lessons about property investing and how to best use our finances towards investing for our future. Chris has been a positive influence and is always there for advice when we have needed it. It has been rewarding to have had Chris working with us

testimonial-icon-yellowTerri & John Mcfadyen (SA)

Chris has been amazing to work with. He is very professional and can be trusted to provide his honest opinion and feedback. He has an incredible work ethic, and has an amazing ability to priorities and complete very high workloads, which is critical when negotiating a property purchase given the tight windows of opportunity.

Chris has also been instrumental in setting up the best finance structure to meet our investing needs, and he has worked tirelessly to broker the best loans for our purchases, some of which have required an exhaustive amount of negotiation with the banks to get them over the line. In short, Chris is an amazing mentor to have in your corner!

testimonial-icon-greyDavid & Toni Costello (NSW)

 Chris has been a superb mentor for me. He has inspired me, encouraged me and educated me. We sometimes say that we wish we’d met people sooner, well Chris is this to me. Working with Chris over the past 2 years has made me very grateful.

Chris…. I just wanted to say for all your help this year. Truly. Thanks.

I can’t believe I will have bought 4 properties within 12 months when Deception Bay and Forest Lake settle in Jan. All since writing you a few emails whilst on my big trip away.

I’ve absolutely loved the journey becoming a more of an educated property investor. It’s such a gift to learn how to do proper area research. It’s given me confidence and something so special to carry on into the future. I thank you for your great response initially to allow me to see where it can take me and along the way this year with every step. Wow, I still can’t believe it.

testimonial-icon-yellowGeorgia Vipond (QLD)

 We would like to thank you for all your help over the past few years and making our life a success.

testimonial-icon-greyDanny & Simmy Sidhu (NSW)

 I would like to say that I have found it a pleasure working with Chris – he is very approachable, easy to contact, quick to respond with suggestions and advice and you are definitely the reason I have invested in 2 properties and looking to increase that over time with the new found confidence you have given me

testimonial-icon-yellowJan Barry (SA)

 Working with Chris has made our property investment journey a very successful one. We have managed to purchase 4 properties within 8 months. The first 3 properties were purchased in the first 3 months. His thorough guidance, facts driven advice and attention to detail at every stage of each purchase have certainly been our highlight.

These are the key elements that have made us feel not only comfortable with property investment but comfortable enough to go hard at it! Chris has supported us with his extensive knowledge and flawless application to achieve this at 34 and 33 years of age. We actually wish we could have started earlier!

We can’t wait to work again with Chris on our next purchase and we can openly recommend him to anyone who wants to get serious about property investment. We believe Chris has played a key role for us to have achieved what we have

testimonial-icon-greyEnrique and Lauren Saldana (NT)

 The advice we have received from Chris was always in a timely manner, empowering, positive and financially viable for us. Would recommend Chris to work with to enhance your future wealth.

testimonial-icon-yellowHeather Smith (QLD)

 Both Sarah and I were a little weary/ cautious when we first decided to get in touch with Chris. We were relatively new to property investment and thought this would be like your typical property ‘guru’ spruiking some dodgy investment. We were pleasantly surprised that it was the total opposite. Living in regional WA we were introduced to Chris with the virtual branch.

Chris came across as being very genuine and was able to answer all of our questions (and we had lots!!!), leaving Sarah and I with the feeling that we were making the right decision by joining. Although we had quite a busy 2014 with our personal life (new job, new house, new baby), Chris made purchasing our 1st property, as smooth as possible. We look forward to working with Chris for all of our future property purchases.

testimonial-icon-greyDrew and Sarah Latimer (WA)

 When we decided to look at securing our financial future via investing in property, it was clear that we needed the education first before jumping into purchasing property.

After much research we found financial broker and mentor Chris Sedgmen was the number 1 choice when looking for the best possible company and mentor to educate us in the right direction including helping us with our personal financial budget to reduce personal debt.

How we would describe Chris in his position of financial adviser and helping his clients achieve financial success is polite, friendly, professional, passionate, determination, knowledgeable, and always looking to achieve the highest standard with his clients when mentoring them with property investing success.

We have been a client of Chris Sedgmen since July 2013 and have learnt so much about the process of property investing through the educational course and monthly workshops that we love attending and more importantly learning about our personal financial budget and reducing personal debt.

If you’re looking for future financial success via property investing and learning about ways to reduce your personal debt with a financial budget then we recommend adding Chris Sedgmen to your team of professionals to help your family’s financial success.

testimonial-icon-yellowKylie and Christian (NSW)

 I have known Chris Sedgmen for over 6 years. During this time I have attended a property education course and participated in many training sessions that have been organised and hosted by Chris. I have gone on to acquire 7 investment properties with Chris playing the roles of mentor, advisor and mortgage broker.

Chris has assisted me to make the initial daunting steps in this process and has always been at hand to provide me with appropriate cautions and encouragement. His wisdom and experience has been invaluable to me. I know that he has a tremendous workload but despite this he is always able to respond quickly and calmly to my sometimes anxious enquiries. Chris does all this with perpetual good humour and it has been a great pleasure to work with him.

testimonial-icon-greyDr Toby McLeay (SA)

 I have experienced full professionalism from Chris Sedgmen. He has always been an honest advisor, hardworking and very polite.

In my own experience with Chris my first two investments were only completed by hard work and a desire to succeed for his client. There were a lot of obstacles that needed to be overcome for me to purchase these investments but as Chris persisted we were successful.

Chris has been an excellent mentor and has taught me so much in just under 2 years. I’m looking forward to more purchases in the near future with Chris as well as gaining more experience and skills.

Thanks again Chris for all your hard work!

testimonial-icon-yellowPeter Slater (WA)

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